Use Your Soft Skills To Survive The Crisis

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Use Your Soft Skills To Survive The Crisis

P. I. Dia
How to stand out from the crowd ?              
We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these trying times; we are facing not only a health emergency but also an economic and jobs crisis.  
For most people today, this period is the biggest challenge we have ever had to confront.  
Here at  360GAP [ ], we believe our tool can help you optimize yourself to ensure that you are competitive in a world where jobs may be scarce and competition fierce.  
As most of you will know, often the only things separating candidates for a role or a promotion are their soft skills. Things like leadership, problem solving, communication and teamwork are only going to become more important.  
The challenge that many of us face is that understanding our strengths and weaknesses in these areas is difficult, quite often what we think are our strengths may be perceived as weaknesses by colleagues and peers.  360GAP [ ]is the ideal tool to help identify your strengths and weaknesses and then start the journey on growing and improving. We first ask you to  take five minutes to evaluate yourself [ ]and then you can easily share a link which allows others to evaluate you in exactly the same way, all anonymously.  
So you end up with honest feedback and insights which you'd never normally be able to access through conversations and reviews.  360GAP [ ]also acts as a self-improvement tool by allowing you to create objectives and then view and track your evolution and improvement over time.              
It is completely  free [ ]!  
             Start now by evaluating yourself              
Here are a few articles to start improving your soft skills  :  
 *  Glassdoor have some great tips on how to improve [ ]
* look at some key soft skills and how to learn more about improvement [ ]
*  McKinsey & Co discuss what organizations can do to improve their worker’s soft skills [ ]
* explains why certain soft skills are needed [ ]  
We look forward to helping you improve your soft skills and stand out from the crowd!  The 360GAP Team [ ]              

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