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Wanted: "Knows Linux, Prefers FreeBSD"

Adam Strohl-3
We're an internet server focused MSP:  We manage our client's
internet-facing servers and pride ourselves on best practice
administration and proactive monitoring.

We're looking for a US national to join our team and be available
regular hours for East-coast AM coverage (ie; 8 or 9am EDT) for emails,
tickets, VoIP, chats, etc.  Your actual location is unimportant as long
as you have good connectivity.

This is initially a remote part time contract position with the
potential for more as we get comfortable working together.

We have many clients running both FreeBSD and Linux, and while we prefer
FreeBSD for many reasons, we need someone comfortable managing Linux as
well (specifically CentOS and Ubuntu).

Our client's deployments vary however PHP, MySQL, NginX/Apache are the
most common stacks.  We leverage a lot of BASH and Python scripting for
management tools.

More important than any specific skill is the ability to come up to
speed on a technology, learn best practice, then apply and document it
internally for the rest of the team.

Adam Strohl
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