Who wants to get paid to maintain sshuttle for FreeBSD ?

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Who wants to get paid to maintain sshuttle for FreeBSD ?

John Kozubik

(yep, cross-posting to jobs and hackers ...)


We (myself, rsync.net, 0x.co) are very interested in using sshuttle on


However the tool has never quite worked properly on FreeBSD[1] and there
appears to be no FreeBSD specific development that gets contributed to it.

We would like to pay someone - first to do some heavy lifting and bring
the project up to speed for FreeBSD, but then on a continued basis to
ensure it *keeps* working over time.  Presumably this involves creating a
FreeBSD port as well as fixing the big issues.

This is a job for someone who understands well the FreeBSD networking
stack, ipfw and NAT rules, and who has a small but consistent amount of
time to devote to this over the next few years.

You would be paid as an independent contractor by rsync.net, Inc.

Please email me and let me now if this interests you.


John Kozubik
rsync.net / 0x.co

[1] DNS and UDP "leak" from the tunnel, among other things...
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