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Ingo Schwarze

this page makes some nice points, thanks!

Here are three aspects where i sense opportunities for polishing
a few details:

 * The BSD codebase is old, outdated, and dying
   Together with the link ,
   you could also show the link
   if you want to.

 * There are no applications for *BSD
   The following sentence is outdated and should be removed:
   "The Linux emulation layer will also run the vast majority of
    i386 Linux applications, and the majority of SunOS4 applications
    can be run on a SPARCStation."
   Support for running binaries compiled for other operating systems
   was completely removed from OpenBSD, including Lunix emulation.
   There was almost no demand for doing so, and deleting the
   compatibility layer allowed to simplify parts of the kernel,
   speeding up kernel development and reducing the risk of kernel bugs.

 * There are no applications for *BSD
   Regarding the sentence "Their lower number of ported applications
   reflects this":
   While it is certainly true that more software has been ported to
   FreeBSD than to OpenBSD, the difference may not be as large as it
   seems from the pure numbers:  In the OpenBSD ports tree, unmaintained,
   outdated, and low-quality software gets quite aggressively removed,
   first and foremost to help ports maintainers maintain the tree, but
   also to help end-users find relevant software more easily.

   Besides, OpenBSD porters keep pushing patches upstream, making
   the codebases of various free software projects better and safer
   for everyone, even on Linux.  (Similar communication might happen
   on the part of FreeBSD and NetBSD porters - i'm not sure, you
   will know more about that than i do.)

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