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Johannes Jost Meixner
Dear all,

I'm looking for two to three new contracts concerning short-term projects
and/or retainer-based recurring sysadmin/maintenance work.

I'm member of the FreeBSD Ports team, made its Linux emulation layer use CentOS
6.5 instead of Fedora 10, am in the progress of porting GitLab and will do more
ports i'm interested in when time allows (I have a list... it's long).

I've worked with FreeBSD mostly in web server environments, setting up
jails to handle NGINX to serve static content, php-fpm to run wordpress, uwsgi
for Django, along with MySQL and postgresql for their respective backends.

Fun things included migrating a client off apache towards NGINX, thereby
doubling page load speed and tripling concurrent requests.

On top of that I've managed FreeNAS boxes running off enterprise hardware
(taken over and kept alive zpools with 20 Seagate SAS drives, set up and
maintained 48TB zpools for another client) as well maintained the backup

Smaller things included setting up OpenVPN servers and tunnels, tending to
OpenLDAP/Kerberos installations, creating Salt config files for a large system
of (CentOS) containers with various software pieces inside, and continous
integration using Jenkins.

Github profile:


Company page:

Please don't hesitate to send me any questions to either my company email
(johannes at perceivon dot net) or this one.

Best regards


Johannes Meixner        | FreeBSD Committer
[hidden email]   |

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