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Andy Ng
Hey   .

Last week when I was at the ATM withdrawing some cash,
I noticed on top of the ATM machine there were a pile of receipts laying

I guess the people before must have forgotten to clear it.

Out of curiosity I took a look at some of the receipts and was amazed...

Have a look at this.
Is this yours?
Here's the balance amount in the receipts.


It always amazes me to see how little mon,ey some people have in their bank

In my lifetime of withdrawing ca.sh at the ATM machine...

Whenever I happen to see any receipts, the amount will always range from a
few hundreds to thousands of dol.lars.

It's difficult for me to see someone with a 5 figure saving account.

And only once did I happen to see an account with more than $100,000..



What's my reason for telling you this.

It's because after meeting and knowing so many people in my life.

There are lot of people who can't even achieve fin,ancial freedom after
working for 30-40 years.

And there are some who even after working past 40 years old...

Don't even have $10,000, in their bank account.

It always brings me back to this question.


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cars and
a nice saving account that will only go up.

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