mysql-query-browser issues 7.1-STABLE

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mysql-query-browser issues 7.1-STABLE

Octavian Covalschi
Hello everyone.

Does anyone uses mysql-query-browser w/o issues?

My issue is that when it tries to connect to db server, GUI disappears and
loads CPU... _a lot_
It just hands/freezes...

I looked into internet a bit, and found similar issues, but they are pretty
old, about 1 year.. perhaps..
Also I saw couple of patches around internet, but apparently they are
already there.. so don't know..

The funny thing is that I've used  mysql-query-browser w/o problems, couple
of months ago.

Before my current installation I had dual boot...and had no issues.. when
was I was working in FreeBSD

The only difference I would say is that now I have 7.1-STABLE.. vs 7.1 -

Any advices are welcome.

Thank you in advance.
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