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no WITH_MOZILLA => firefox

Mark Andrews

        It seems that not defining WITH_MOZILLA now implies that you
        want firefox.  I was rather suprised when I went to upgrade
        www/mplayer-plugin and found firefox being built especially
        when the only documentation says you don't needed to define

www/mplayer-plugin/Makefile:.if !defined(WITH_MOZILLA) || ${WITH_MOZILLA}=="firefox"

        I suspect this needs to be changed to

        .if defined(WITH_MOZILLA) && ${WITH_MOZILLA}=="firefox"

        To match the other instances.

AUTHOR: [hidden email]
        Mozilla will now default to using GTK2, and will only compile
        against Gtk+-1.2 if explicitly requested.  This is in exact
        opposite to the old behaviour.

        The valid values of WITH_MOZILLA are now:
                mozilla                 (www/mozilla, GTK2)
                mozilla-devel           (www/mozilla-devel, GTK2)
                mozilla-gtk1            (www/mozilla-gtk1, GTK1)
                mozilla-devel-gtk1      (www/mozilla-devel-gtk1, GTK1)

        As before, WITH_MOZILLA can be set in /etc/make.conf, but doing
        so is not advised unless you desire the development versions.
        GTK2 browsers will automatically compile against GTK2 mozilla,
        and GTK1 browsers (galeon1, galeon1, and galeon1) will
        automatically compile against GTK1.

        Again, the only people who will need to take action are those
        who desire development versions (which are inactive at this time
        anyway).  Those who want GTK1 mozilla-devel must set
        WITH_MOZILLA=mozilla-devel-gtk1 or they will be pleasantly
        surprised with their very own GTK2 installation on the next

        WITH_MOZILLA=mozilla-gtk2 and WITH_MOZILLA=mozilla-devel-gtk2
        are still honoured for the time being, but their use is
        now deprecated.  Any new ports are not required to consider
        their values, and so eventually WITH_MOZILLA _will_ have to
        be changed.

        Hopefully galeon2 can catch up to peoples' expectations from
        galeon1 soon, and we can remove the GTK1 ports altogether.

Mark Andrews, ISC
1 Seymour St., Dundas Valley, NSW 2117, Australia
PHONE: +61 2 9871 4742         INTERNET: [hidden email]
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