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[odroidc1] boots only with serial console cable

Boris Samorodov-2
Hi All,

I use a fresh ARM-HEAD to boot Odroid-C1. It boots fine if a serial
USB cable is attached. If I try to boot without that cable, nothing
happens. The system does not even try to boot (the UFS partition
remains clean after the power is switched off).

The bundled Linux boots fine both with and without serial console
cable attached.

My boot.ini file is:

# headless configuration
setenv m_bpp "32"
setenv hpd "0"
setenv cec "0"
setenv vpu "0"
setenv hdmioutput "0"

fatload mmc 0 0x100000 kernel.bin
go 0x100000

I've googled this behavior, but fond nothing relevant (seems to be
FreeBSD specific).

PS. I don't have any HDMI/cable monitor to watch video signal at boot.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
WBR, bsam
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