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Frédéric de la Goublaye

Thanks for the previous support on
Apache + Tomcat + MySql + Sqlite

 transfer one java application from a VPS to a dedicated server.
The winner is ... the VPS!!!! The winner in speed is the VPS!

And you know what ???
The application is slower on the server than on the VPS!
Damed!!!! :+)

Server: AMD Duron 1,6 Ghz 512 Mo Os:FreeBSD

      Model Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz

       256 Mo RAM

ok P4 against AMD Duron
but why ? I must be only on the VPS to have all the computer ressourse for me

Any optimisation for tomcat myqsl ?

Or did I learn something a VPS can be faster than a starter server ...



daaaaaammmeddddd!!!!! :+(rrrr

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