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ssh not working behind firewall

Its Azfar
I am using freebsd 5.4 stable. SSH is working fine in
normal environment but as soon i plug a firewall in
front of freebsd box ssh stop working. I have allowed
tcp 22 for my freebsd box and the rule is working if I
replace the machine to linux box but dont know why ssh
is not working on freebsd. i am also geeting an error
in /var/log/meesages

SSH port bind error tcp port 22 is already used by
another application.

But I have checked no appliction s using it as soon I
remove the firewall ssh sart working and the error
also gone. I also allowed tcp 722 (read in an article)
but it dont effect me.

In problem I only got ssh login prompt as soon I enter
the username the screen stcuk.

How can I resolve the issue.

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