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My name is LASZLO and I am a FreeBSD user since 4.3 (around 2001, 2002)
I started using FreeBSD as a desktop OS then on servers as well. My colleagues usually prefer Linux but I am pushing BSD wherever possible :-)
Currently I work as a IP/System Engineer for a telco company in Budapest, Hungary, and almost all my life I have been working for telecommunication companies.My wife finished her studies in Budapest and she wants to move home to York, PA,  I'm moving with her on 24th of June. This means that I have roughly a month to pack up in Europe and find a job in South Central Pennsylvania, or Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia or somewhere in this area. Preferably a System Administrator job with BSD/Linux requirements.
Here is a short list of my experience:  
   - System administration: BSD (mostly FreeBSD and PC-BSD but I am open minded to any BSD flavor), Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS), OS-X and some Windows  

   - Services: Nginx, Apahe, HAproxy, Pure-FTPd, vsftpd, Samba, Icecast and Wowza media servers, DNS, MySQL, DHCP, ALTQ, Traffic Control, sendmail, qmail  

   - Virtualization: VMware (vSphere, vCenter), VirtualBox  

   - Development: UNIX shell, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Git, Eclipse  

   - Networking: pf, iptables, TCP/IP, Mikrotik, dd-wrt, OpenWrt, Huawei and Cisco  

   - Monitoring: Munin, Nagios, Icinga, Cacti  

   - Storage:  FreeNAS, Huawei SAN&NAS   

   - Hardware: Dell and IBM Rack Servers, various hardware and software RAID
Feel free to share the information above with who ever you wish.Thank you!
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