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Re: Removal of www/apache22 0 replies freebsd-apache
Re: Removal of www/apache22 2 replies freebsd-apache
Re: FreeBSD Port: mitmproxy-0.10.1_1 2 replies freebsd-ports
ports/186935: [MAINTAINER] www/mitmproxy: update to 0.10 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/186934: [MAINTAINER] net/py-netlib: update to 0.10 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/186932: [MAINTAINER] chinese/ve: Fix compatibility for fbsd 10 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
Re: ports/185950: www/libmicrohttpd port not enabling htttps 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/185784: [NEW PORT] devel/PHPExcel: Spreadsheet engine for excel files in PHP 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/185417: [PATCH] net-mgmt/p5-NetApp: update to 500.002, take maintainership 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/185418: [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/p5-Net-SNMPTrapd: SNMP Trap Listener in Perl 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/185188: [PATCH] www/varnish: update to 3.0.5 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/185184: [MAINTAINER] www/libmicrohttpd: update to 0.9.33 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
Re: ports/184160: [PATCH] www/trafficserver: update to 4.0.2, take maintainership 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/184728: [MAINTAINER] www/libmicrohttpd: Fix compatibility for fbsd 10 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/184429: [PATCH] net/scribe: Fix applying patch failed 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/184263: [NEW PORT] devel/p5-File-Tail-Scribe: Perl Module to tail file to Scribe server 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/184262: [MAINTAINER] textproc/apache-solr: update to 4.6.0 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/184261: [PATCH] sysutils/ttyload: update to 0.5.3, take maintainership 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/184199: [MAINTAINER] www/libmicrohttpd: update to 0.9.31 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/184198: [MAINTAINER] net/babeld: update to 1.4.3 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
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