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ports/184160: [PATCH] www/trafficserver: update to 4.0.2, take maintainership 2 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/184155: [MAINTAINER] textproc/apache-solr: update to 4.5.1 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/183922: [PATCH] devel/pecl-xhprof: update to 0.9.4 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/182235: [MAINTAINER] net/libnatpmp: fix compatibility for fbsd 10 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/182234: [MAINTAINER] textproc/libroxml: fix compatibility for fbsd 10 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181949: [MAINTAINER] www/mitmproxy: Update to 0.9.2 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181942: [MAINTAINER] dns/libidn: Update to 1.28 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181941: [MAINTAINER] net/py-netlib: Update to 0.9.2 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181689: [MAINTAINER] www/trac-watchlist: add a bugfix 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
Re: ports/181686: devel/py-babel: add pytz as run_dependency 0 replies freebsd-python
Re: ports/179268: [PATCH] www/trafficserver: Fix disk usage miscalculated 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181582: [UPDATE] devel/py-babel: Update to 1.3 & Take maintainership 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181539: [MAINTAINER] textproc/apache-solr: Update to 4.4.0 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181537: [UPDATE] mail/roundcube: Update to 0.9.3 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181419: [UPDATE] www/trac: Fix wiki bracketed link with Genshi 0.7 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181337: [REPOCOPY] www/trafficserver -> www/trafficserver-devel 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181307: [MAINTAINER] www/trac-watchlist: Fix file permission & patch for Trac 1.0 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/181303: [UPDATE] www/trac-TracDuplicates: Patch for trac 1.0 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/180794: [UPDATE] security/john: Update from 1.7.9-jumbo-5 to 1.7.9-jumbo-7 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
ports/180747: [MAINTAINER] www/mitmproxy: Update to 0.9.1 0 replies freebsd-ports-bugs
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