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Re: MySQL and default memory limits (mysqld: Out of memory) 10 replies freebsd-stable
How to choose prefix number for a periodic script? 0 replies freebsd-ports
ports/99922: [mail/postifxadmin] Change request to take maintainership 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
Re: IAMP servers in FreeBSD for ISP 2 replies freebsd-isp
Re: IAMP servers in FreeBSD for ISP 4 replies freebsd-isp
ports/99394: mail/postfixadmin - add mysqli dependency; other updates/corrections 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
Re: Options for boot program 0 replies freebsd-hackers
Re: logitech mx5000 + 5.5 1 reply freebsd-bluetooth
Re: How can I know which files a proccess is accessing? 4 replies freebsd-stable
Re: is FreeBSD popularity decreasing ?? 0 replies freebsd-chat
Re: FreeBSD ports that you maintain which are currently marked forbidden 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: Screwed ports tree/package database on my server 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: Number of maintainers vs. number of ports 0 replies freebsd-ports
I've submitted a PR to adopt a port 0 replies freebsd-ports
ports/97874: Adopt the sysutils/3dm port and update it to 1 reply freebsd-ports-bugs
Re: FreeBSD is now self-hosting on the UltraSPARC T1 2 replies freebsd-current
Re: iwi(4) problem on start 0 replies freebsd-net
Re: iwi(4) problem on start 2 replies freebsd-net
Re: Reason #465132 to Love FBSD.... 0 replies freebsd-chat
Re: advocacy/97154: freebsd.org doesn't display well in Firefox 0 replies freebsd-advocacy