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Why is security/py-pywinrm limited to Python 2.7 only? 2 replies freebsd-ports
A PR to take care of 1 reply freebsd-ports
2 PRs to be committed/closed 1 reply freebsd-ports
Re: Syslogd less verbose logging with rfc5424 0 replies freebsd-hackers
Syslogd less verbose logging with rfc5424 2 replies freebsd-hackers
Can any committed take a look at this PR 1 reply freebsd-ports
Re: tilix port would be great 0 replies freebsd-ports
tilix port would be great 2 replies freebsd-ports
Re: portmaster with FLAVOR support available for testing 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: emulators/virtualbox-kmod: turn on VIMAGE by default for FreeBSD 12+ 0 replies freebsd-current
Re: JVM based port dependencies? 0 replies freebsd-ports
JVM based port dependencies? 2 replies freebsd-ports
Re: VNET branch destiny 12 replies freebsd-current
Re: VNET branch destiny 0 replies freebsd-current
VNET branch destiny 17 replies freebsd-current
Re: mlock and jail 3 replies freebsd-current
Re: GOOGLE_CODE has gone away? 0 replies freebsd-ports
GOOGLE_CODE has gone away? 3 replies freebsd-ports
Re: ATI, libdrm, gnome 1 reply freebsd-ports
Re: How to allow mlock(2) in jail? 0 replies freebsd-questions
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