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Re: ps output line length change 0 replies freebsd-arch
Re: LUA boot loader coming very soon 1 reply freebsd-current
Re: LUA boot loader coming very soon 3 replies freebsd-current
Re: posix_fallocate on ZFS 1 reply freebsd-current
Re: Feedback on proposed loader changes 0 replies freebsd-arch
Re: kld not work on Atheros 3 replies freebsd-mips
Re: Kernel build error rev.328485 0 replies freebsd-current
Re: Switch to hard-float by default? 1 reply freebsd-mips
Re: Ranting about OCF / crypto(9) 0 replies freebsd-arch
Re: Ranting about OCF / crypto(9) 1 reply freebsd-arch
Ranting about OCF / crypto(9) 11 replies freebsd-arch
Switch to hard-float by default? 5 replies freebsd-mips
Re: witness_lock_list_get: witness exhausted 2 replies freebsd-current
Re: RFC: Sendmail deprecation ? 0 replies freebsd-arch
Re: The future of fortune(6) 5 replies freebsd-hackers
Re: ACPICA missing support for device I/O port ranges 2 replies freebsd-hackers
Re: hw.pci.realloc_bars 0 replies freebsd-hackers
Re: Breakage with sys.kern.ptrace_test.{ptrace__parent_sees_exit_after_child_debugger, parent_sees_exit_after_unrelated_debugger} after r325719:325721 0 replies freebsd-current
Re: fabs(-0.0) returns -0.0 1 reply freebsd-mips
Re: Coming move of files (src/sys/boot/fdt/dts -> src/sys/dts and then src/sys/boot -> src/stand) 0 replies freebsd-arch
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