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Re: UPDATING entry needed for MATE update from 1.12 to 1.18 1 reply freebsd-gnome
Re: libepoxy...and more 0 replies freebsd-x11
Re: libepoxy...and more 0 replies freebsd-gnome
Re: FreeBSD Port: x11/mate 0 replies freebsd-gnome
Re: www/epiphany wants graphics/gdk-pixbuf that's not available in ports 1 reply freebsd-ports
Re: opengl issue with Haswell graphics plus xserver 1.18.4 with FreeBSD 11 0 replies freebsd-x11
Re: Compile error 0 replies freebsd-gnome
Re: pkg issues: files not registered as installed, breaks pkg check 6 replies freebsd-gnome
Re: webkit and security topics 0 replies freebsd-gnome
Re: December 11 current video regression? 0 replies freebsd-x11
Re: Subscribeubject: Re: Trying to run Broadwell 0 replies freebsd-x11
Re: graphics/gimp-app: pkg-static: Unable to access ... plug-ins/file-mng: No such file or directory 1 reply freebsd-ports
Re: svn commit: r402209 - in head: devel/appstream-glib games/aisleriot x11/gnome-terminal 1 reply freebsd-gnome
Re: Testing the new i915 driver (rev. 3820047) 1 reply freebsd-x11
Re: graphics/dri needs multimedia/v4l_compat dependency 1 reply freebsd-x11
Re: 10.6.6,2 and 10.6.9,2 dri update failure if portmaster -a logic is used 0 replies freebsd-x11
Re: x11/gnome3 port options 0 replies freebsd-gnome
Re: USES=desktop-file-utils, INSTALLS_ICONS, and pkg 1 reply freebsd-ports
Re: build failures on 8.x: is upgrading the right fix? 1 reply freebsd-x11
Re: Anjuta missing package 0 replies freebsd-gnome
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