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Mailing list freebsd-afs is being retired 0 replies freebsd-afs
Mailing list freebsd-ia64 is being retired 0 replies freebsd-ia64
Mailing list freebsd-mobile is being retired 0 replies freebsd-mobile
Re: parsedmarc 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: Lockdown adaX numbers to allow booting ? 0 replies freebsd-current
Re: cad/gerbv can be helped 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: replacement of security/ipsec-tools 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: [patch] security/ipsec-tools is broken 1 reply freebsd-ports
Re: Portmaster failing 4 replies freebsd-ports
Re: svn commit: r521562 - in head/java: . wildfly17 wildfly17/files 0 replies freebsd-ports
Checking if exFAT can be used unrestricted now ? 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: Checking you the maintainer of a port? 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: net-snmp crash 0 replies freebsd-ports
Re: 10g IPsec ? 2 replies freebsd-net
10g IPsec ? 20 replies freebsd-net
Re: Lockdown adaX numbers to allow booting ? 1 reply freebsd-current
Re: FreeBSD 12.1-RC1 Now Available 0 replies freebsd-stable
Re: [HEADS UP] Binary packages for FreeBSD 11 to require 11.3 soon 1 reply freebsd-ports
Re: FreeBSD 12.1-BETA2 Now Available 1 reply freebsd-stable
Re: Committer for PR 239680, eclipse-4.12 update? 0 replies freebsd-ports
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